Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So. Ariz. Republicans leave Arizona hanging on budget questions

Lawmakers who haven't answered are still invited to respond
The Arizona Daily Star

On Monday, the Star began a series designed to help Southern Arizonans understand their elected officials' thoughts on the largest problem facing Arizona - the state budget. We have printed responses from the Southern Arizona lawmakers who responded to our invitation and we, and our readers, appreciate their responses.

Before the series concludes this weekend, however, we want to extend another invitation to those Southern Arizona lawmakers who did not respond to our offer or told us they would not participate - specifically, Rep. David Stevens (R-LD 25), Sen. Al Melvin (R-LD 26), Rep. Vic Williams (R-LD 26), Rep. David Gowan (R-LD 30) and Rep. Frank Antenori (R-LD 30).
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