Friday, February 26, 2010

Campbell applauds GOP withdrawal of anti-solar bill from legislature

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Democratic Whip Chad Campbell said he was pleased Thursday with Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko’s decision to withdraw her anti-jobs/anti-solar bill.

Under the Republican bill, House Bill 2701, it would have caused a solar manufacturer to stop its plans to open its first U.S. plant in Goodyear. Suntech Power Holdings warned Tuesday they would pull their plans if the bill passed.

Campbell, who voted against the bill in the House Government Committee, said, “I’m happy that Rep. Lesko recognized her mistake and withdrew her wrong-track bill. This bill was a classic example Republicans’ failed leadership and wrong priorities.”

Killing the Republican bill stopped it from working against the requirement that regulated utility companies work toward providing 15 percent of their power from renewable-energy sources by 2025.

“It is key to use solar to jump-start Arizona’s economy, creating jobs and getting our state back on track,” Campbell said. “As it stands, Arizona has the most sunshine in the nation, but the rest of the world and even rainy states like Oregon attract more solar companies. It’s time for a change.”

Thursday afternoon, Lesko withdrew the bill.


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