Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lujan urges stopping use of tax dollars in Brewer’s frivolous lawsuit

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Democratic Leader David Lujan is urging Republican lawmakers today to hear his bill that would ensure no taxpayer dollars are used in Gov. Jan Brewer’s frivolous lawsuit.

House Bill 2001 would prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars to enter into a contract with a private attorney to sue over federal health reform.

“It is wrong to make Arizona's taxpayers use their hard-earned dollars to pay for Gov. Brewer’s frivolous and wrong-track lawsuit,” Lujan said. “We could use that money for many things the state is lacking, such as better public safety by putting more police officers on our streets to crack down on violent criminals and to make our neighborhoods safer.”

Brewer called a special session Friday to waste taxpayers’ time and money to sue the federal government over health reform law. Legal scholars from across the nation have determined her lawsuit to lack merit and to be a complete failure.

Republican lawmakers still have not yet heard Lujan’s bill, which would give a break to all Arizona taxpayers and save the state money in the face of Brewer’s reluctance to do so.

If Lujan’s bill is not heard, he plans to amend the House bill that authorizes Brewer to sue. His amendment would prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for her frivolous lawsuit.

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