Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arizona shouldn't waste money, effort on useless health-reform lawsuit

The Arizona Daily Star

By House Democratic Leader David Lujan

Gov. Jan Brewer called a special session this week that only will waste taxpayers' time and money on a misguided lawsuit against federal health reform.

Attorney General Terry Goddard was right when he said her lawsuit has no merit, and it is a waste of scarce taxpayer dollars.

As an attorney, in my legal opinion, Brewer's lawsuit is frivolous and based neither on fact nor on the law.

It's nothing new. Historically, opponents of reform have turned to the courts when major legislation they disagree with is signed into law.

The Social Security Act, The Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act - constitutional challenges were brought to all of these monumental pieces of legislation, and all measures were upheld.

Brewer's claim that reform is a threat to our state's sovereignty is false and meritless.

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