Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Check out Rep. Nancy Young Wright's op-ed in The Explorer

Park fund raid, closures 'wrong track'
The Explorer

Rep. Nancy Young Wright

Tough choices are made every day at the state legislature, but whether to shut down our state parks isn't a difficult decision.

It just shouldn't happen.

Arizonans know that closing our state parks is a wrong-track plan that just pulls more money away from our communities' economies.

The revenue generated by our own state parks — Catalina and Oracle for example — is important to small businesses. Out-of-state visitors to our parks pump money into our communities and can play important role in getting Arizona back on the right track.

But recently, the majority at the state legislature passed and the governor signed a budget that takes away the Heritage Fund, a voter-approved fund allocated to state parks.

Taking away $10 million voters approved for state parks undermines the will of Arizona voters. Arizona's Voter Protection Act protects citizen initiatives from legislative power grabs. Voters brought the initiative to the ballot after the legislature repeatedly raided voter-approved measures.

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