Thursday, April 01, 2010

Deschene resolution preserving legacy of Navajo Code Talkers passes House

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – A House resolution to acknowledge Navajo Code Talkers for their contributions to American history and military success passed the House Wednesday.

House Concurrent Resolution 2026, sponsored by Rep. Chris Deschene, D-St. Michaels (District 2), acknowledges the Navajo Code Talkers who developed a military code using the Navajo language during World War II.

“This resolution is a remarkable landmark for the Navajo people,” Deschene said. “The legacy of the Navajo Code Talkers who served as Marine Corps Radio Operators will now be branded in American history. These warriors will now be honored for their valued contributions to many lives and our way of life today. I am proud to sponsor this resolution.”

Although the military code developed by the United States was deciphered by Japanese soldiers, the code that these Navajo men developed proved unbreakable and helped saved countless lives.

The U.S. Department of Defense was secret about the Navajo code until 1968 when it was declassified. Navajo Code Talkers were not recognized for their contributions until 2001 when they received the Congressional Gold Medal.

Copies of this resolution will be distributed to each member of Congress, the Navajo Nation President and the U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary.

Deschene is a retired major of the Marine Corps and grandson of a Marine Corps Navajo Code Talker.

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