Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rep. Pat Fleming, D-Sierra Vista (District 25), says we need to pass tough immigration reform at the federal level to secure our borders

Napolitano cites actions since death of Robert Krentz
Wick News Service

After the death of Cochise County rancher Robert Krentz, Arizona and federal lawmakers voiced their outrage, but has there been a real effort to stop the crime and violence spilling over the border with Mexico?

According to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Arizona’s former governor, there are 100 additional Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement agencies in the San Bernardino Valley near where Krentz was shot. She also deployed Customs and Border Protection helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

It’s like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped.

“The people I represent do not believe that their federal government has heard their pleas for help,” Giffords wrote in a second request for help on the border. “While much has been done over the past months to increase border security, it is clear that our border is not yet secure and that drug cartel violence is threatening the lives of our citizens.”

Giffords, whose 8th Congressional District includes 114 miles of international border, called for the National Guard’s deployment on March 30, three days after Robert Krentz was slain on his Cochise County ranch. “On behalf of the people I represent and the thousands of other Americans who live in the most troubled sections of our southern border, I ask for your help in meeting the first responsibility of government: to provide for the safety and protection of its citizens.”

State Rep. Pat Fleming is convinced that there is a total failure to deal with crime and violence along the border in Arizona. “Our immigration system is broken and those in Washington, D.C., have been unable or unwilling to solve it. This is an issue that also requires leadership and action at the federal level or it will simply get worse, especially in Southern Arizona. Border security and immigration need to be acted on by Congress, as well, so that states and cities are not forced to act and bear the entire expense of enforcing our immigration laws. We need tough immigration reform that cracks down on human smugglers, the illegal sale of weapons to drug cartels and other violent criminals, and we need to give law enforcement the tools they need to secure our borders. I support making sure law enforcement has the tools they need to go after violent criminals.”

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