Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sinema bill to crack down on human trafficking signed into law

Bill offers real solution to border violence

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – A bill that gives police more tools to arrest criminals who traffic people for sex or slave labor was signed into law Monday afternoon.

Sponsored by Assistant House Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema, House Bill 2673, substituted by Senate Bill 1059, eliminates a clause in Arizona law that requires police to prove that the trafficked individual be obtained “for transport” to qualify as being trafficked for sex or labor. The bill also aids prosecutors to convict traffickers.

“This bill gives law enforcement a greater ability to fight heinous crimes like human trafficking for sex or slave labor,” Sinema said. “It’s a simple fix that makes a huge difference for public safety in our neighborhoods and offers a real solution to violence along the border.”

SB 1059, which is the identical partner of HB 2763, eliminates the requirement that a person be enticed, recruited, harbored, provided or otherwise obtained for transport for an offense to qualify as sex trafficking or trafficking of persons for forced labor or services.

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