Monday, April 19, 2010

Sinema releases statement on ‘birther’ amendment

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Assistant House Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema released the following statement today about Republicans’ amendment to try to pass “birther” legislation:

“Republicans continue to take Arizona down the wrong track by wasting taxpayers’ time on frivolous legislation instead of working on important issues like health care for kids and seniors and education.

“Republican Rep. Judy Burges’ amendment to Senate Bill 1024 today would require the Arizona secretary of state to verify a presidential candidate's birth certificate before the candidate's name is allowed on a ballot in Arizona. A presidential candidate already is required to prove that he or she is a naturally born citizen before they can run for that office.

“This bill is nothing more than a waste of taxpayers’ time when the legislature should be working to fix more important issues like the fact that it eliminated KidsCare, which forfeits all federal health care dollars for kids and seniors in Arizona.”

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