Wednesday, May 19, 2010

House Democrats expose Brewer’s ‘two faces’

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Gov. Jan Brewer has exhibited two faces when it comes to critical Arizona issues in the last two years, and Proposition 100 is no different, House Democrats said Wednesday.

“I think what we see every day are the two faces of Jan Brewer,” said House Democratic Leader David Lujan. “She can’t seem to keep her promises, and in this type of economic climate, Arizonans need real leadership.”

Brewer has a history of mixed messages and broken promises:

  • Brewer promised not to “decimate” education. She then cut more than $1 billion from education — the largest cut to education in Arizona history.
  • In January, Brewer raved about job creation in a speech to business leaders. She then cut thousands of jobs during an economic crisis, including taking police officers off the streets. (See speech)
  • Brewer said she would “hold harmless” the most vulnerable Arizonans. She then eliminated federally mandated and funded health care for nearly 40,000 kids, making Arizona the only state in the nation to do so. (Democrats then restored health care for kids.)
  • Brewer said she would protect seniors. She then kicked nearly 400,000 seniors and adults off of health care.

“Clearly Gov. Brewer has failed to be a leader with her wrong priorities,” said Assistant House Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema. “It makes it hard for Arizonans to trust such a loose cannon on issues like the economy, education and health care.”

And while Brewer pushed for an increase in the state sales tax, she continues to send mixed signals on using it to fund tax breaks for big corporations and the rich:

  • Just eight days ago, Brewer followed Attorney General Terry Goddard’s call for no corporate bailout package as she originally promised, saying in The Arizona Republic that there was “no way” she would “do the business tax cuts.” (See story) On Monday, Brewer’s chief of staff, Eileen Klein, told The Arizona Guardian that another shot at the corporate bailout package is still possible before the Aug. 24 primary: 'We're working on it, but there's nothing definite yet,' Klein said. (The Arizona Guardian, May 17, 2010)

“Gov. Brewer continues to push Arizona down the wrong track as she continues to break the trust of all Arizonans,” House Democratic Whip Chad Campbell said. “Prop. 100 is not a solution to the state’s economic woes and it certainly fails to serve any purpose if she gives it away to big corporations and the rich. It’s time for a change.”


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