Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brewer does nothing on the private prison escape? Why?

Goddard: Too many killers in private prisons
AG accuses governor of sacrificing security to cut costs

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is accusing Gov. Jan Brewer of sending too many convicted murderers to medium-security private prisons.

Goddard contends those facilities are less secure than prisons run directly by the Department of Corrections.

Goddard's accusations come 10 days after three inmates escaped from a private, for-profit prison in Kingman.

Tracy Province and John McClusky were serving sentences for murder. Daniel Renwick was convicted of attempted murder.

Investigators believe McClusky had a role in a double slaying in New Mexico last week, after he escaped.

"I believe a big part of our problem is that the very violent inmates, like the three that have escaped, ended up getting reclassified quickly and then sent to private prisons that were just not up to the job," said Goddard, a Democrat who is challenging Brewer for the governorship.

A recent CBS 5 News investigation found that two of Brewer's top advisers have ties to the private prison industry.

One is a current lobbyist for Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA. The second is a former lobbyist for the same company.

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