Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brewer wants to focus on anti-Arizona worker bill, not prison escape

GOP puts secret ballot measure in motion

Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services

With only Republicans in favor, state lawmakers took the first steps Monday to putting a measure on the November ballot to throw a potential roadblock in the path of future union elections.

Both the Senate Judiciary and House Commerce committees agreed with lobbyists for business interests that the Arizona Constitution needs language which would require an election by secret ballot before any group of workers could organize as a union. The full House and Senate are set to debate the measure Tuesday.

Monday's votes came over objections from Democrats, and not only because of what's in the measure itself.

House Minority Whip Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, said if lawmakers are at the Capitol they should deal with serious questions, like how two murderers and one convicted of attempted murder were placed in a medium security private prison from which they escaped. Two have since been captured, one just Monday, but not before the murder of a couple in New Mexico believed link to two of the escapees and an accomplice.

"The question is, why is the governor and why is the state not investigating this?'' Campbell said. He said Gov. Jan Brewer should amend the call for the special session that began Monday to also include looking at the classification system which allowed the three to be placed in the Kingman facility.

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