Monday, August 09, 2010

House Democrats want special session to focus on better security at prisons

3 murderers escape from private prison, kill two, but GOP focuses on anti-Ariz. worker bill

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Today House Democrats are calling on Gov. Jan Brewer and Republicans to stop wasting taxpayers’ time and money on a special session that doesn’t address Arizona’s real problems like security at the state’s private prisons.

“Arizona is at risk, and we want Gov. Brewer to use this special session to call an investigation into how three murderers were able to escape from a private prison in our state, then reportedly kill a couple in New Mexico over the weekend,” said House Democratic Whip Chad Campbell. “These security breakdowns resulted in people dying, and we need to do something now to ensure public safety and that no others are killed because of the irresponsible decisions of the administration.”

Taxpayers shouldn’t have to spend more money to fund a special session that doesn’t address Arizona’s real problems like:
Lack of security at private prisons
An unbalanced budget
The 10 percent unemployment rate
Our schools’ rank of dead last in the nation for education funding

But Brewer called a special session to get an anti-Arizona worker bill on the ballot.

“It’s a slap in the face that right now our kids are heading back to crowded classrooms, fewer teachers and a still a lack of education funding,” said Rep. Rae Waters, D-Ahwatukee. “It’s disappointing that the special session wasn’t called to fix Arizona’s ranking of dead last in education funding.”

Rep. Eric Meyer, D-Phoenix, said when he talks to constituents in his district, their concerns aren’t with an anti-union referendum.

“People in my district ask me why is the legislature wasting our time and money?” Meyer said. “They want to see results on important issues facing our state — jobs, education and the economy. Arizona taxpayers already have paid for too much, and they’re not getting what they paid for. It’s time to get Arizona working again.”

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