Thursday, August 12, 2010

No response on call for Legislative hearings despite bipartisan concerns

12 days since prison break, Brewer yet to release “security review” report

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Legislative Democrats have not yet heard a response to their request of Republican Legislative leaders yesterday for legislative hearings on the recent private prison break that resulted in the escape of three convicts that subsequently killed two people.

In that last 24 hours, Republican lawmakers too have demanded answers, despite Governor Jan Brewer’s claim that concerned legislators have “politicized” the issue by merely calling for more information about how the prison break was allowed to happen at the private prison facility in Kingman. Go to this link for more information:

“Private prisons are still running the show and who is asking them for answers? Information the Governor’s office claims they have has not been released despite Republican and Democratic legislators calling for legislative hearings. Brewer needs to stop complaining about politics and take some responsibility for this situation. If dangerous inmates in private prisons are not being appropriately secured, the public is at risk,” said House Democratic Whip Chad Campbell.

Lawmakers did receive an email today from a Department of Corrections lobbyist providing a summary of much of the information about the prison break that has been already published in news reports, but the “security review” that Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman told the Arizona Republic two days ago was done has yet to be released.


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