Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sinema discusses benefits of new law on six-month anniversary of health reform

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Assistant House Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema will join advocates and Arizona families at an event highlighting the six-month anniversary of the signing of federal health care into law, the date on which many key and popular provisions of the new law are set to take effect.

These reforms include a ban on insurers denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions, such as children with autism, or dropping patients after they get sick or develop a disease like breast cancer. They end lifetime caps on coverage and provide free preventative care under all new plans.

“It’s important that Arizonans know about the new law and how it will affect them after Republicans, including Gov. Jan Brewer, took health care away from so many of us,” Sinema said. “Under the law, insurance companies that prey on Americans every day won’t be able to take advantage of them anymore.”

Six-month anniversary of federal health care law
Who: Assistant House Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema
What: Informational event highlighting the new provisions of the federal health care law which are set to take effect this week.
When: Thursday, Sept. 23 at 7 p.m.
Where: Organizing for America office, 103 W. Highland Ave., Phoenix

The event is part of a series of events in more than 30 states nationwide being organized by state legislators in collaboration with the Progressive States Network and the Working Group of State Legislators for Health Reform. For more information, visit


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