Monday, November 29, 2010

House Democrats urge immediate action on transplants

Death of transplant patient should be ‘wake-up call’ for GOP

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Democrats again are calling on Gov. Jan Brewer and the Republican majority, who have complete control of state government, to fix their admitted mistake on transplants before another Arizonan dies.

Mark Price, 37, died Sunday due to chemotherapy complications. He was one of many Arizona transplant patients who were denied care by Republicans. Luckily, an anonymous donor came to Price’s rescue, but Price died before the procedure could take place. See KTAR’s story here.

“This is an unbelievable tragedy,” said two-time transplant recipient Rep. Anna Tovar, D-Tolleson (District 13). “Mark Price was a hard-working Arizonan and my heart goes out to his family. Hopefully this will be the wake-up call for Gov. Brewer and Republicans to finally act.”

Like Price, Tovar suffered Leukemia. She was a bone marrow recipient.

“I know what Mark went through and he’s a fighter,” Tovar said. “There are nearly 100 more families in our state who are facing Brewercare death panels if it is not corrected. Gov. Brewer and Republicans, who made these cuts, admitted it was a mistake, have complete control of state government and have done absolutely nothing. This is outrageous.”

House Democrats are asking Brewer to use $30 million of unspent federal stimulus money to save the transplant patients. According to state economists, Brewer has $30 million in discretionary stimulus funds she can use at her will. She recently used $2 million on an algae program.

According to state economists, Brewer said she has used the $30 million, but has not disclosed to them how she used the funds. She also has hidden that fact from the public, prompting House Democrats to file a FOIA request (click here to view) with her office to uncover how she spent Arizona’s money. Brewer’s office has not responded.

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