Thursday, January 20, 2011

House Democrats: Brewer/GOP waiver ‘irresponsible’, time for accountability

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Democrats are holding Republicans accountable today for passing an irresponsible bill that attempts to undermine the will of Arizona voters and take away health care from nearly 300,000 more Arizonans.

Gov. Jan Brewer’s special session bill will send a waiver to the federal government to overturn a voter-approved initiative for health care, but likely will be unsuccessful.

"This is just more of the same irresponsible, failed policies that got us into this mess in the first place,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell. “It's another gimmick that does nothing to actually balance our budget, and it's a waste of taxpayers’ time and money to pass the buck instead of acting now on real solutions to solve our state’s budget deficit."

Brewer’s waiver:

  • Cuts funding that will result in 42,000 jobs lost (Arizona Chamber of Commerce study from last year's similar proposal to eliminate Prop 204 funded populations).
  • Eliminates health care for 280,000 people — including 5,200 seriously mentally ill — at a time when tragic evidence shows how dangerous it can be to allow those on the margins of society to fall through the cracks.
  • Forfeits more than $1 billion in federal tax dollars that Arizonans deserve to have back in our state for our needs, by eliminating the General Fund portion of the Prop 204 funding (via this waiver).
  • Asks the federal government for permission to enact cuts that are unconstitutional and in violation of Arizona's Prop 105, the "Voter Protection Act"; those eligible for the health care that would be cut by this waiver were given eligibility for AHCCCS under Prop 204, a voter-approved measure.

“This waiver is not on your side,” said House Minority Whip Matt Heinz, a hospital physician. “By seeking this waiver, they are putting trauma centers in southern Arizona and other parts of the state at risk. It’s time to hold them accountable to We the People.”

While nearly 100 Arizonans’ lives are still at risk because Republicans eliminated life-saving transplants and no action has been taken, Republicans continue to cut health care, including for the seriously mentally ill instead of considering other options, like closing tax loopholes that allow country-club memberships and facelifts to go tax free.

“It’s time for some accountability here at the state capitol and a good government, a government that is transparent and a responsive, efficient government,” said Rep. Lynne Pancrazi, D-Yuma (District 24), whose district includes rural hospitals. “This waiver only puts our rural hospitals at risk in an area where we barely have enough doctors and floods our emergency rooms with the uninsured.”


  1. This is deplorable and deepens our state's crisis of conscience. History has proven that great leaders are moral leaders.

    Jan Brewer has lost her moral compass. She is not listening. Not to you, those legislators not of her own party. Not to "We, the people". Since she will not listen, will not humble herself to admit she erred when she relied on poor data regarding the transplant issue, will not back down no matter how loud the public outcry--she must be removed from office.

    If you happened to see the ABC 15 news story earlier this week you may know that we unfortunately had a misunderstanding about the filing requirements for our recall committee. This has now been clarified and we should have the Committee in full compliance by early next week. At this time, we will re-post our petition language and a download link to the petition forms.

    In the meantime, you can connect through the Volunteer/Inquiry form on the website or to one of our Facebook pages or on Twitter. These are:
    Facebook Community Page: Committee to Recall Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.
    Facebook Organization Page: Committee to Recall Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.
    Twitter: @RecallGovBrewer.


  2. When the democrats were in power all they did was spend, spend spend and more spend well now the bill has come due and that means that some HARD Choices have to be made and now all the dems are crying oh no dont cut here or dont cut there but they should have thought about this BEFORE they spent all that money and now we are broke and that means that EVERYONE even the dems are going to have to suck it up, its not only going to be cuts in health care but they need to cut other places that the dems are not going to like, like cops, firefighters and oh no dare we say it teachers too. You know i can run my house in the red and niether can the state but its going to take a leader like Jan Brewer to lead the way so all you cry babys need to just shut up and deal with it.