Monday, February 21, 2011

Campbell honored for efforts to improve Arizona economy

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Minority Leader Chad Campbell was honored by the Arizona Economic Development Practitioners (AEDP) for his significant efforts to improve the economy.

As a legislator, Campbell has been an advocate for economic reform and has worked to create balanced, responsible solutions to Arizona’s economic woes.

“I am honored to receive this distinction,” Campbell said, “I’m grateful to AEDP for their dedication to creating a strong economy and I will continue to fight for economic reform so that Arizona can earn its title as an economic leader.”

AEDP is an organization dedicated to supporting policymakers and legislation that enhances Arizona’s economic competitiveness.

“I believe we need to put Arizona first again by harnessing our natural strengths to build a strong 21st century economy and create good-paying jobs,” Campbell said. “That includes making our state a leader in the development of solar power and renewable energy manufacturing.”

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