Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GOP votes for special interest tax breaks, blows another huge hole in budget

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Republicans voted today to pass a corporate bailout package that will leave the state more than half a billion dollars deeper in debt and give freebies to their rich CEO friends and special interests.

Republicans misled the public by calling their legislation a “jobs” bill when it doesn’t guarantee a single job.

“There are ways to make our business taxes more competitive and bring more jobs to Arizona, but this isn't one of them,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell. “The Republicans’ plan blows another half-a-billion-dollar hole in the state budget when we are already looking at a $1 billion deficit next year. A year after voters agreed to raise taxes on themselves to fund education, Republicans now are targeting our schools for cuts in order to give handouts to special interests. It’s time for some accountability.”

The GOP bill:
  • Raises taxes on middle-class homeowners while giving huge tax breaks to big corporations.
  • Funds tax breaks for special interests when Gov. Jan Brewer’s budget cuts universities, our state’s real economic drivers, by 20 percent.
  • Hands out $35 million for a new commerce authority/bureaucracy that is exempt from accounting and financial reporting standards, while life-saving transplants ($1.2 million) go unfunded.
  • Makes taxpayers prove they deserve a homeowner rebate instead of making government prove they don't.
“Instead of a corporate bailout package, we need a real jobs bill that harnesses our natu ral strengths to build a strong 21st Century economy and create good-paying jobs,” said Assistant House Minority Leader Steve Farley. “Government can’t get that done by slashing education. It’s time we fix a broken system and take a balanced and responsible approach.”

Republicans just hiked the sales tax for Arizonans across the board, made the largest cuts to education in state history and nearly 100 Arizonans are dying due to cuts to life-saving transplants. Now they want to give away tax cuts to the richest Arizonans who already don’t pay their fair share during a time when middle-class families are struggling to find jobs.

“This is not a ‘jobs creation’ package and Arizonans know it,” said House Minority Whip Matt Heinz. “People on both left and right, including the Goldwater Institute, think this bill is a bad idea. It’s time that government comes up with a balanced, responsible approach that builds a strong future and preserves our communities.”

The Goldwater Institute article:

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