Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meyer bill to boost school savings passes committee

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – A bipartisan bill by Rep. Eric Meyer, D-Paradise Valley (District 11), that saves school districts money by allowing them to efficiently and cheaply store public records passed committee unanimously Monday.

“HB 2670 is a balanced, responsible solution for schools that makes schools more efficient and effective,” said Meyer. “It will save school districts thousands of dollars each year.”

School districts are required to store public records on microfilm in accordance with state law, which costs schools thousands of dollars each year.

Meyer’s bill instead allows school districts to store public records on either paper or in electronic format, or a combination of both. The records each district must maintain include transcripts and immunization records.

“Quality education is both a moral and economic issue — key to both our state’s economic recovery and children’s future,” Meyer said. “It is critical we fix Arizona’s broken education system to ensure it receives proper funding. I believe in a government that is honest and effective, but the current record-keeping system in Arizona is wasteful and burdensome. It’s time that taxpayer’s dollars are spent efficiently.”

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