Wednesday, March 16, 2011

House Democrats hold Brewer accountable for irresponsible health care plan

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Gov. Jan Brewer’s new ideas on how to devastate health care for seniors, kids and adults in Arizona is another irresponsible plan that shows Republicans in the state legislature are not on your side, House Democrats said Wednesday.

Brewer’s newest proposal cuts more than half a billion dollars from hospitals.

“Gov. Brewer’s wrong priorities are failing to fix Arizona’s broken system and we’re holding her accountable,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell. “It’s time for accountability — plain and simple. It’s time that government and the Republicans who control it stop working for special interests and start working for We the People.”

Brewer’s plan would:

-Slash health care payments to providers by 5 percent on Oct. 1 on top of a 5 percent cut already set to take place on April 1.
-Drive up the cumulative cuts to Arizona hospitals to $1.3 billion, contributing to the lack of affordable health care and shortage of doctors in rural areas.
-Force Arizona hospitals to cut jobs and life-saving services.
-Increase costs of health insurance for families.

“This ridiculous plan continues to drive Arizona backward by axing more jobs at a time of 10 percent unemployment,” Campbell said. “A lot of things aren’t making sense right now in Arizona and the governor is no exception. It’s past due for a government that is on your side: a good government, a government that is transparent and a responsive, efficient government. It’s time to hold government accountable to We the People.”


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