Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White House press release features Arizona House Democrats

Office of the Press Secretary
May 11, 2011

Statements of Support for President Obama’s Commitment to Fix our Broken Immigration System

Below please see statements of support for the President’s commitment to fix our broken immigration system to meet our 21st century economic and security needs from business leaders, civic leaders and elected officials.


Howard Buffett, American philanthropist and President of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation
“There are a lot of mistaken assumptions about the role of immigrants in our society and their contributions. We need to develop reform policies that get people to pay back taxes, become legal, invest more in their communities, and, in the process, help our economy. But we need a rational and long overdue conversation on the issue in order to make it happen, including acknowledging we already have made a lot of progress on border security issues.”



New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg “Like business leaders and mayors across the country, President Obama recognizes that fixing our immigration system is an economic imperative, and Americans of both political parties want an immigration reform effort focused on job creation. Moving forward, we need the discussion in Washington to focus on areas of consensus that can keep America competitive in the global market.”

El Paso Mayor John Cook
“There are many reasons we need immigration reform. We need to end our forced brain drain and find ways to keep the students that we educate here contributing to our communities and society.”

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro
“I applaud President Obama for clearly defining immigration reform as a priority for the future of America. It is time for policy to take precedence over politics. Securing our borders and securing our economic future with a 21st century workforce are not mutually exclusive goals.”

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley
“In Chicago, we embrace and celebrate our city's diversity and its history as a city of immigrants. We know that immigrants have been essential in building cities like Chicago throughout our great nation. And they continue to make it great. The contributions of people who came here from other countries to achieve the American dream are tremendous. They make Chicago a stronger city, a more vibrant city and an international city. I have always lent my voice in support of sensible reform of our nation’s immigration laws. And, I am happy to support national efforts like those of President Obama. I believe all of us have an obligation to work together to send a clear message that immigrants are valued and welcome participants and stakeholders in this country. This is a nation of immigrants, and we need to work together for sensible immigration laws, so America can continue to be a beacon of hope and opportunity to hard-working people from other lands.”

Arizona House Democrats
“House Democrats are thankful that President Obama is finally working hard to get the job done on immigration reform – something border states like Arizona need to boost our economy and make our neighbourhoods safe….We need comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level to get the job done and ensure that all immigrants play by the rules, pay back taxes, learn English and undergo a background check. Republicans at the state legislature have chosen not to focus on efficient, common-sense solutions; rather, they have only managed to ender the state into expensive lawsuits that produce no results and fail to address the crime and violence along the border and in our neighbourhoods. It’s time for real solutions at the federal level so we can finally solve this problem once and for all.”

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Charles Gonzalez
“Today, the President reinforced the importance of fixing out broken immigration system, not only for the sake of our national security but also to give our country an economic advantage in today’s global economy. The President delivered with sincerity his commitment to fixing our current system, to bringing the millions of undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and continuing to secure our borders and enforcing our laws. This Administration has made unprecedented progress on its promise for increased border security and has undoubtedly made our country safer. But enforcement alone is not the solution. We can fix our broken immigration system that works in the best interest of our nation but we need Republicans working with us, not against us.”

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
“In his speech today, President Obama reminded the nation of the contributions immigrants have made to this country; since our nation’s founding, those who have come to our shores to be part of the American dream have brought their hopes, aspirations, and optimism for a better future. President Obama outlined his Administration’s efforts to secure our nation’s borders. Republicans have called this progress a prerequisite before addressing the larger challenge; we continue to take strong action to address the security of our borders and now we must take strong action on behalf of comprehensive immigration reform. Last year, the Democratic House passed the DREAM Act with a bipartisan vote; it faced Republican obstruction in the Senate, but would have given hundreds of thousands of young people brought to our country without a choice the chance to earn legal status. We must heed the President’s call and join the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Tri-Caucus, Members on both sides of the Capitol, the business community, faith leaders, educators, public safety officials to enact comprehensive immigration reform. The challenge of reforming America’s immigration laws is too great to be ignored.”



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