Thursday, September 01, 2011

House Democrats release statement on GOP gun raffle

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Minority Leader Chad Campbell released the following statement today on the Pima County Republicans’ plan to raffle off the same brand of gun used to shoot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords:

“First, the actions of the Pima County Republicans are shocking, disrespectful and in poor taste at best. To raffle off the same brand of gun used to assault Congresswoman Giffords and kill and injure several others, including a 9-year-old girl, is unconscionable.

“Arizona is still healing from these wounds. If any good could have come out of this horrific event, it would be civility in our state or employing sensitivity when needed, not reopening the wounds or making light of them.

“I am gun owner myself, a supporter of the Second Amendment and I also believe in common sense. Their raffle is not common sense; it is sick, and the Pima County GOP should call off the raffle in respect for the Arizonans who died and were injured in the Tucson shooting. It’s time for all of us to check ourselves in mutual respect for one another so we can all work together to make our state stronger.”

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