Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tovar to Brewer: ‘You want to support education? Fund it.’

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX House Minority Whip Anna Tovar, a former teacher, released the following statement about Gov. Jan Brewer’s empty promises on education:

“Today Gov. Brewer launched another website as her solution to the massive problem she and Republicans created by slashing our children’s education funding, firing teachers and creating a nearly impossible learning environment for our kids.

“If she wanted to fix education, she should fund our schools. Instead, she just continues to build on empty promises. She created a perception that she would use the sales tax hike for education but this year turned around and made another massive cut to education — $273 million to universities and $180 million to K-12. She then handed that money over to bail out, through tax cuts, big corporations and rich CEOs, not middle-class families.

“The proof that Gov. Brewer supports education is in the pudding. Gimmicks and websites don't make up for cuts that increase class sizes, eliminate access to books and technology and limit access to full-day Kindergarten. As a former teacher and current mother of children who attend our public schools, I know how much those tools mean to our kids’ future and so do Arizonans.”

Brewer’s website timeline – What have these websites done to create jobs and fund education?


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