Thursday, December 08, 2011

Campbell praises Coburn’s ‘Rich and Famous’ report, reality check for politicians

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX House Minority Leader Chad Campbell released the following statement today on his support for Republican U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn’s common-sense report and proposal dealing with government payouts to millionaires:

“It’s refreshing to see this kind of sincere, non-partisan effort coming out of Washington, D.C. There needs to be more of this type of collaboration in politics at all levels.

“As we move into next year’s legislative session, I hope to see this same type of effort in addressing the serious problems facing our state. It’s time to move past sound bites and ideological stands and toward real solutions. Too much has been and still is at stake for Arizonans.

“Republicans, Democrats and Independents from all walks of life have joined my call for comprehensive, fair tax reform that would help Arizona families and small businesses, and create a competitive and economically strong Arizona for our kids’ future.

“Sen. Coburn’s efforts show this should not be a partisan issue, but an issue of the reality our nation faces. We need to take a modern approach to government, one that’s more accountable to the people and those who make our economy move.

In that spirit, I pledge to find middle-ground, common-sense solutions to fix Arizona’s broken economy and get people back to work, and I hope Gov. Brewer and my colleagues will join me.”

Coburn’s “Subsidies of the Rich and Famous” report:


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