Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poll shows most Arizonans favor broadening of tax base, funding public schools

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – A story in The Arizona Guardian today highlights a survey, conducted by one of the nation’s top pollsters, that shows Arizonans overwhelmingly support innovative ideas to create a fair tax code so that their children can grow up with good schools and strong futures ahead of them.

The survey, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican-leaning firm, found that nearly two-thirds of those questioned favored broadening the tax base to include certain goods and services currently exempt from taxation. This approach is a practical, balanced approach to ensuring fairness in our tax code and restoring funding in a state that's made deep budget cuts to education, infrastructure and public safety.

“Families in Arizona value education, and they know that the Tea Party’s slash-and-burn education cuts were wrong,” House Minority Leader Chad Campbell said. “This tactic didn’t work and now it’s time to employ smart ideas, stop the partisan bickering and get the results Arizona deserves. After three full years of bad economic decisions, it’s time to put aside politics and make something happen.”

Over the past several years, Campbell and House Democrats have introduced the idea of lowering the sales tax and broadening the base to include currently untaxed goods and services, while getting rid of the unfair tax-free goods and services that benefit the super rich like country club memberships and facelifts.

“It’s time to reform our unfair tax code,” Campbell said. “We need to make it fair for everyone – hard working individuals, families, and small businesses deserve a tax code that gives them the opportunity to achieve the American dream. Unlike the Tea Party extremists, who voted to raise income taxes on middle-class Arizona families while cutting taxes for those earning more than $100,000 a year, this plan would lower the taxes for many people, families and small businesses. It’s beyond time to invest in hard-working, middle-class Arizonans.”

To see The Arizona Guardian’s story go to www.arizonaguardian.com.

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