Friday, January 27, 2012

Campbell: ‘Tobin’s latest anti-voter move a new low’

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Minority Leader Chad Campbell released the following statement today on Speaker Andy Tobin’s efforts to undermine the will of the voters and create maps that favor Tea Party and special interest control over Arizona:

“All of Arizona’s voters should be outraged that self-serving politicians desperately continue to try to control an independent redistricting process so they can fulfill their own self interests of controlling the state with their rigid, extremist ideologies and making Arizona the laughing stock of the nation.

“Speaker Andy Tobin’s introduction of bills to put his own secretly concocted redistricting map on the ballot just to get his way is a legislative power grab that thwarts a voter-approved, independent process. It is the epitome of a self-serving politician who will do anything to desperately hold on to power and protect his own job — even if it means overthrowing the will of the voters and possibly the state constitution itself.

“We all know what is happening here — certain Tea Party extremists who control the state capitol didn’t get their way in the redistricting process. They now might have to go out and actually campaign in competitive, balanced districts. They don’t care about compromise or making government work for the people; all they care about is protecting their own jobs. Speaker Tobin’s bills underscore that once again.

“This is a pitiful display of partisan, self-serving politics at its worst. Voters have had enough. They created an Independent Redistricting Commission in the first place to prevent politicians from drawing self-serving maps. Speaker Tobin doesn’t seem to care.

“Even though the IRC’s citizen volunteers listened to public comment and created fair maps that still favor Republicans, Speaker Tobin and certain Tea Party lawmakers want their way or the highway. This is a waste of taxpayers’ time and millions of dollars, and it does nothing to stop the partisan bickering, create jobs, fix our economy or help our children get the education they deserve.

“The IRC’s map is our one shot at fixing this so we can get Arizona on the right track with the benefit of competition. That’s how America works, that’s how it was built. And that’s why I hope both Republican and Democratic lawmakers will join me in rejecting the Speaker’s obvious attempts at a self-serving power grab. Let the independent process work for the people of Arizona, not for self-serving politicians.”


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