Monday, April 30, 2012

Tea Party legislators send bill benefiting out-of-state debt collectors to governor

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Tea Party legislators today voted to send a bill that benefits out-of-state debt collectors to the governor’s desk. Just before the vote, Rep. Debbie McCune Davis, D-Phoenix (District 14), warned of the economic harm HB 2664 could cause Arizonans.

The bill empowers out-of-state debt collectors to force Arizona citizens to defend themselves against debts that were already paid, dismissed or forgiven. McCune Davis is an opponent of this bill and said that passing legislation will jeopardize Arizona’s fragile economic recovery and hurt Arizona families.

“In Arizona, the number one complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission is debt collection fraud, and identity theft complaints are the highest among those,” McCune Davis said on the House floor during the vote.

The bill previously failed in the Senate but was brought back on reconsideration following political maneuvering from lobbyists. McCune Davis said that this bill will weaken consumer protection laws and is being supported by out-of-state special interest groups.

“The lobbyists responsible for this legislation represent an unidentified credit card company and an organization that includes out-of-state debt collectors who do not represent the best interest of Arizona families,” McCune Davis said.

The bill passed a House vote today 37-22 and will now go to the governor.

“I hope the governor has the good sense to veto this bill,” McCune Davis said. “We should be focused on legislation that creates real jobs, not just jobs in the debt collection industry.”


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