Friday, May 25, 2012

House Democrats congratulate National Small Business Week award winners

House Democrats congratulate National Small Business Week award winners
STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – May 26 is the final day of National Small Business Week, and House Democrats recognize the achievements of all Arizona small businesses and congratulate Arizona’s award winners.

Vickie Wessel, president of Phoenix-based Spirit Electronics, won Small Business Subcontractor of the Year. Zeferino Banda, president of Banda Group Intl. in Chandler, earned the Small Business Person of the Year award.

“We know that small business is a driving force for the Arizona economy,” Assistant Minority Leader Steve Farley, D-Tucson (District 28), said. “I’ve been a small business owner since 1991 and I understand the level of dedication needed to run a company. I applaud the success of the National Small Business Week award winners.”

This year, House Democrats introduced a number of bills designed to help small businesses.

Creating a lower tax burden for small businesses that hire Arizona workers

• HB 2705 – small business employment; tax rate (Campbell)

• HB 2700 – property tax valuation; residential; business (Chabin)

• HB 2716 – sales tax; reduced reporting requirements (Farley)

Making it easier for small businesses to get health care plans

• HB 2045 – health care group; sole proprietors (Farley)

Creating local preference for in-state bidders on state and local contracts

• HB 2392 – state contracts; preference; Arizona business (Saldate)

• HB 2680 – procurement; Arizona bidder; preference (Campbell)

Ensuring state and local government contractors use American companies instead of foreign ones

• HB 2510 – government procurement; American products (Campbell)

• HB 2638 – state contracts; foreign headquarters (Gallego)

Tea Party lawmakers blocked each of these bills, never even considering them.

“It is a shame that Tea Party lawmakers prioritize their rigid ideology over what is most important to Arizonans – creating jobs and improving the economy,” Farley said. “Not only did they fail to create legislation that would significantly help small business in Arizona, they stymied any attempts to do so by House Democrats. Despite this, House Democrats remain committed to finding ways to support local, small businesses.”

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