Tuesday, August 21, 2012

House democratic staff recognized for service to community

House democratic staff recognized for service to community

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Members of the House democratic staff often burn the midnight oil in the basement of the Arizona House of Representatives. They are dedicated advisors, analysts and attorneys who are committed to helping the House Democratic Caucus serve the people of Arizona. They also are active members of their own communities and their service has earned them recognition.

“We expect a lot from the staff and they never cease to impress us,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 14). “Each year, despite working long hours at the Capitol, they find the time to lend their considerable expertise to other organizations. They help us build a better Arizona and I want to congratulate and thank them.”
House democratic staff achieved the following accomplishments:

• Cynthia Aragón, community and constituent liaison and policy advisor on the Environment Committee, completed the FBI Citizens’ Academy. The goal of the academy is to foster a greater understanding of the FBI's role in the community through open discussion and to support the FBI's efforts to deliver information about their role, tools, tactics, jurisdiction, and vision for the future in national law enforcement, homeland defense, and counter-terrorism on all levels.

• Elvy Barton, senior policy advisor on the Agriculture and Water Committee and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, received the Forty Hispanic Leaders Under 40 Award. This award honors 40 Hispanic individuals who demonstrate their passion for the community though service and leadership.

• Eric Figueroa, senior policy advisor on the Appropriations, Education and Higher Education Committee and the Innovation and Reform Committee, is a featured artist at The Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors main office at 101 N. First Ave. This organization allows an aspiring, amateur artist to display his or her work each month. Figueroa’s photography, which highlights downtown Phoenix, is being featured through the month of August.

• Liz Navran, staff attorney and policy advisor on the Health and Human Services Committee and the Banking and Insurance Committee, was selected for the Valley Leadership Institute. This is an organization that provides growth and learning opportunities for emerging and existing leaders to benefit local communities.

House Democratic Chief of Staff Keely Varvel Hartsell, who earned recognition by being nominated as the best staffer for the Arizona Capitol Times Best of 2012 Awards, also congratulated the staffers.

“This group of professionals is focused on helping our elected officials create jobs and improve education in our state. Their teamwork and dedication is unmatched and they are each committed to serving their communities independent from the work they do here,” said Varvel Hartsell. “I am proud of their accomplishments and I am proud to be a part of this team.”


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