Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Republican reportedly caught on video damaging security barrier, never held accountable

Republican reportedly caught on video damaging security barrier,
 never held accountable 

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Republicans at the Arizona House of Representatives are under fire for failing to hold a member accountable for allegedly removing a large planter, serving as a security barrier, from its place at the Capitol.

A video recently surfaced that reportedly shows Rep. Jerry Weiers, R-Glendale (District 12), using a truck to haul the planter/security barrier away from the Arizona House of Representatives building, so that he could park his motorcycle on the sidewalk.

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 14), said that he is shocked by the lack of accountability.

“There are so many things wrong with this scenario, it is difficult to decide where to start,” Campbell said. “For starters though, it begs the question - what is going on at the Arizona House of Representatives?  A sitting representative breached protocol and potentially damaged taxpayer property, and we have to learn about it because he was caught on a security tape that was uncovered by his political opponent?  What did Speaker Tobin know about this and what, if anything, was done to rectify the situation and hold Rep. Weiers accountable?

"Those planters were put in place as part of a security protocol, yet Rep. Weiers decided to remove one without the permission of the Department of Public Safety or anyone else?  Additionally, why did Rep. Weiers think he was entitled to endanger public safety by parking a motorcycle on a sidewalk that is used by the general public, legislators, staff members and others?”

It reportedly took a forklift to move the planter back into place.

“Who paid for that?” Campbell asked. “If taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for what amounts to a grown man’s temper tantrum, I have a big problem with that.  The person responsible for those actions should reimburse the state for any costs incurred.  And what if someone had been injured during Rep. Weiers' unauthorized move of a very large and heavy piece of property paid for by taxpayers? What would've happened then? These types of questions need to be immediately answered by Speaker Tobin and Representative Weiers.”

Campbell added that this incident should have been made public sooner.

“We are just hearing the details of this event months after it happened,” Campbell said. “Why did the Speaker not make this public?  And if this was hidden, what else is happening at the Arizona House of Representatives that we don't know about?”


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