Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Campbell: Funding status quo for CPS unacceptable, Arizona kids must come first

Campbell: Funding status quo for CPS unacceptable, Arizona kids must come first

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – After reports of funding cuts to Child Protective Services, House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 14), committed to working with Department of Economic Security Director Clarence Carter to find the resources needed to protect children involved in the CPS system.

“Director Carter should not be satisfied with the status quo,” Campbell said. “The GOP has spent tens of millions of dollars on such things as for-profit, private prisons and tax cuts to large corporations with little to no oversight. Yet they can’t provide enough money for CPS? That’s unacceptable. I’m encouraging Carter to ask for an adequate amount of money for CPS services so Arizona’s children get the protection they deserve. It is the only decent thing to do.”

Campbell’s comments were prompted by an article in The Arizona Republic that detailed drastic cuts to basic services on which families in the CPS system rely.

“This is an opportunity to show real leadership,” Campbell said. “There are service providers saying that officials have underestimated the cost of keeping kids safe. Ultimately, it is Director Carter’s responsibility to be upfront about what his agency needs. House Democrats will propose a budget this session that will include enough money to protect Arizona kids. If Director Carter wants to have a discussion about a realistic budget for CPS, that will meet the needs of the children and families the agency serves, then he should know that my door is open. I encourage him to speak with policymakers before making decisions that could have such a dramatic effect on children and families.”


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