Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Freshmen Democratic Lawmakers Show Leadership on Economic Issues

Freshmen Democratic Lawmakers Show Leadership on Economic Issues
Trio of Job Creation Bills to be Heard in House this Week

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIXThree freshmen Democratic members of the House will see their bills to create jobs heard in House committees this week.

“Our freshmen Democratic legislators are providing much-needed leadership on job creation,” said House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 24). “These Democratic lawmakers have offered up common sense legislation, and they are working across the aisle with their freshmen Republican colleagues to get those bills passed.”

The three job-creating bills scheduled to be heard this week in House committees are:

·        HB 2584 – renewable energy and conservation districts was introduced by Rep. Andrew Sherwood, D-Tempe (District 26), and is on Monday’s Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee agenda.
·        HB 2621 – fund; state parks; roads; fee, offered by Rep. Juan Carlos Escamilla, D-San Luis (District 4), is scheduled to be heard at Tuesday’s Agriculture and Water Committee hearing.
·        HB 2484 – veterans; hiring preference; tax credits is a measure sponsored by Rep. Mark Cardenas, D-Phoenix (District 19). It is set to appear on a revised agenda, to be issued today, for Wednesday’s Public Safety, Military and Regulatory Affairs Committee.

“House Bill 2584 will make it easier for businesses to add solar panels and other energy and water efficiency technology to property by providing financing for the upfront cost of these modifications,” Sherwood said of his legislation. “It will immediately create jobs in the renewable energy industry by creating more demand for these products and installation work.”

“State Parks are key tourism destinations and my bill helps make sure the Parks will have the stable funding they need each year to renovate and expand,” Escamilla said of HB 2621. “State Parks are integral to economic development and provide over 3,300 jobs, many of which are in Arizona’s rural communities.”

“We have thousands of veterans looking for work and my bill creates a strong incentive for employers to offer them jobs,” said Cardenas of his bill, HB 2484. “Veterans bring proven technical and leadership skills to the workplace at a time when companies need to be running as effectively and efficiently as possible. This bill could help up to 3,600 vets find work.”

“As legislative candidates, many of us promised the voters we would make it a top priority to create jobs and get Arizona’s economy back on track,” Campbell said. “We have an amazing group of freshmen Democratic lawmakers who believe promises made should be promises kept and they are proving their commitment with this important legislation.”

For information about and a copy of the legislative language of each bill, go to the following links:

HB 2584 – renewable energy and conservation districts:

HB 2621 – fund; state parks; roads; fee:

HB 2484 – veterans; hiring preference; tax credits:

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