Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Campbell: ‘Director Carter may have missed a serious deadline’

Campbell: ‘Director Carter may have missed a serious deadline’

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 24), released this statement after Child Protective Services failed to announce if the agency met a self-imposed deadline to complete the investigation of unexamined reports of child abuse and neglect.

“Director Carter may have missed a serious deadline. According to the DES Work Plan for CPS, the examination of more than 6,000 uninvestigated reports of child abuse and neglect should have been completed on Dec. 2. That date has come and gone, and we are still waiting for answers. The agency has not verified whether all the reports have been reviewed, nor has it provided a detailed update on the status of the investigation.

“This is another indication of Director Carter’s inability to lead CPS through this crisis. He’s not offered an explanation, which shows a lack of accountability.  CPS is a deeply damaged agency and needs the leadership of a person with credibility. In my opinion, Director Carter lost all credibility when he allowed these cases to go unexamined in the first place. He needs to resign, and the governor should appoint someone who has the integrity and experience necessary to correct our broken child-welfare system and protect Arizona’s kids.”


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  1. Another outward sign he may be clueless? thanks for bringing this topic to the front sir, it is a non-partisan issue to protect our kids but under this man, there are plenty of points of interest to show he has no roadmap and no ability to lead an agency so important as the protection of our children.