Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Campbell to Border Security committee: Use your money to protect kids

Campbell to Border Security committee:
Use your money to protect kids

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – As the Joint Border Security Advisory Committee met today, House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 24), urged its members to support the idea of spending the $264,000 that has been donated toward building a US-Mexico border fence on hiring extra help for Child Protective Services as that agency struggles to review and respond to thousands of backlogged reports.

“The Border Security committee is just sitting on $264,000 and they have been for months. As expected, it is nowhere near enough to build a border fence. But it is enough to help increase the number of people right now working at CPS to bring security to children who live a daily struggle with abuse and neglect,” Campbell said.

“The legislature must give CPS more personnel resources immediately. The safety of the kids, who have been living in harm’s way for months, must be the highest priority for every member of the state legislature right now,” Campbell said. “It is a waste of time for a group like the Border Security committee to meet and do nothing when the legislature should be in a Special Session appropriating the $264,000 in border fence money, along with any other money we can, to CPS to get them some help.”

Though he believes much more is needed, Campbell said even $264,000 could be used to hire 5-6 more CPS case managers or for the Department of Economic Security to temporarily pay for helpers from other government and nonprofit agencies that are already trained in related fields to help CPS catch up with the backlog of reports that are waiting for investigation.

“It is just not rational to think that DES can review all these cases without some significant help. They need more boots on the ground,” Campbell said. “I simply don’t believe the Department’s claim that they can catch-up with things. If they could, they would have never gotten in to this backlogged situation to begin with. I fear that current abuse reports are being put on the backburner because of the political pressure on CPS employees to clean up this mess they’ve gotten themselves in to.”


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