Tuesday, December 17, 2013

McCune Davis, House Democrats send governor recommendations to improve the Arizona National Guard

McCune Davis, House Democrats send governor recommendations to improve the Arizona National Guard

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Today Rep. Debbie McCune Davis, D-Phoenix (District 30), and several members of the Arizona House Democratic Caucus sent the governor recommendations for improving the Arizona National Guard and assuring its reputation.

McCune Davis organized a public forum earlier this year after a report from the National Guard Bureau confirmed incidents of misconduct within the Arizona National Guard, which were initially uncovered by the Arizona Republic.

“It was important for the public to have an opportunity to review and comment on the National Guard Bureau’s findings,” McCune Davis said.

After the public forum, McCune Davis and several of her colleagues reviewed the testimony presented, including the information shared by both current and former members of the Arizona National Guard. Based on that review, McCune Davis and several other House Democrats sent the governor the following recommendations:

  • Create a position in the executive office which will act as a liaison between the Guard and the executive branch to manage and review complaints. Criteria for this position should include military experience and extensive knowledge of the code of ethical conduct.

  • Report the number of people with active complaints and cases in review outside of the state to someone designated to meet with those individuals to increase the understanding of the kind of victimization occurring in each case.

  • Form an ombudsman position with the authority to work with federal and state officials regarding current and future complaints and investigations. The position would also include the authority to review past and pending complaints of misconduct regardless of whether they have been addressed.

  • Issue a report to the Legislature with information about the number of individuals assaulted, number of overall complaints, and a status update on all complaints, including those that have received final disposition. This will allow the state to better monitor and address national concerns regarding sexual assaults in the military.

“I hope that Gov. Brewer and the newly appointed adjutant general, Brig. Gen. Michael T. McGuire, will be committed to restoring the credibility of the organization and ensuring the safety of our guardsmen. We owe it to them, as well as to all Arizonans, to make certain that the organization operates at the highest level of integrity moving forward.”

To see testimony from the May 2013 National Guard Public Forum, go to


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