Monday, January 13, 2014

Arizona Democrats respond to State of the State

Arizona Democrats respond to State of the State

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Today House Democratic Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 24), and Senate Democratic Leader Anna Tovar, D-Tolleson (District 19), released these statements in response to the governor’s State of the State address:
 House Democratic Leader Chad Campbell
“The governor today talked about Arizona’s great comeback.  I agree that the state has made progress but we still have a lot of work to do.  Our first and most immediate concern must be addressing the issues related to Child Protective Services."
“We’ve seen the horrific effects of strangling resources for CPS and other agencies charged with protecting our most vulnerable.  Governor Brewer proposed structural changes to CPS, and while I believe that she should be more closely scrutinizing this program, her proposal lacks details. We should be working in a more bipartisan way to develop the reforms necessary to ensure children in our state are safe."
“The governor also talked about our budget surplus. Much of that was achieved through devastating cuts to education and other vital services.  We can’t truly claim a comeback until we restore funding for K-12 education. I am pleased the governor is embracing tuition reforms at the university level. I introduced a bill last year that would have accomplished the same tuition freeze the governor announced today. Additionally, creating a state-funded tuition assistance program should be a priority. Our students are graduating with an unacceptable amount of debt."
“There is so much opportunity in our state right now, and that will be our focus this legislative session. Last year, we moved Arizona forward through bipartisanship. In that spirit, we will build on our strengths and continue to protect the progress we’ve made.”
Senate Democratic Leader Anna Tovar
"Arizona works best when we work together. We saw proof of that with last year’s successful bipartisan effort to pass a responsible budget, expand Medicaid and begin to restore funding for our kids' schools."
"We must keep moving Arizona forward and we will continue working to provide our teachers and students with the resources they need to succeed, to strengthen our economy and to improve our state's neglected transportation infrastructure. We must also ensure that any plan to reform CPS has the proper resources, transparency, accountability and leadership to be effective."


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