Thursday, February 20, 2014

Campbell urges governor to veto discriminatory bill SB 1062

Campbell urges governor to veto discriminatory bill
SB 1062

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 24), today released this statement after the Arizona House of Representatives passed SB 1062, a bill identical to HB 2153, which would allow discrimination under the pretext of religious freedom.

“This bill takes aim at the LGBTQ community. It seems to be a reaction to the civil rights laws passed by Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff. SB 1062 does nothing to create jobs and it does nothing to improve education. Instead, it promotes extremism and provides opportunities for discrimination.

“Gov. Brewer rejected a similar bill last year, and I encourage her to do the same with SB 1062. We should be working on legislation that protects the rights of all people. SB 1062 tells the nation that we only welcome certain people to Arizona. This bill is a state sanction of discrimination against the LGBTQ community and that is unacceptable.”

SB 1062 passed 33-27, with no Democratic support. It now goes to the governor for consideration.


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  1. I watched Chad Campbell fight this bill to no avail; he did give it a great effort and that counts a lot more than what those legislators did creating and formulating this most disgusting bill now ready for signature. I hope and pray the Governor vetoes it and dismisses it with the kind of energy it deserves - swift and defined to not further discriminate in the name of personal preferences and religion.