Monday, April 21, 2014

Legislature passes bill containing Otondo’s forest management provision

Legislature passes bill containing Otondo’s  
forest management provision

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Both the Arizona House and Senate have passed a bill including a provision initially introduced by Rep. Lisa Otondo, D-Yuma (District 4), that will help protect Arizona forests and firefighters while creating jobs.

“This bill addresses two important issues in our state,” Otondo said. “First, it contributes to the safety of our firefighters who are tasked with protecting our communities from wildfires. Second, this legislation could create hundreds of new jobs and generate millions for our economy.”

The Senate passed HB 2343, a bill introduced by a Republican member of the House of Representatives and which was amended to include portions of Otondo’s bill, HB 2536. Otondo’s contribution to this legislation provides opportunities for public-private partnerships to remove vegetation which can create dangerous wildfire conditions in Arizona forests. The House approved the amended bill, which passed unanimously today and will be sent to the governor for her consideration.

“After the tragic loss of life in the Yarnell Hill Fire, we cannot afford to sit on our hands while we watch our communities and our firefighters be put in jeopardy,” Otondo said. “This bill will encourage the protection of state lands while strengthening our economy. I encourage the governor to sign it as soon as it is on her desk.”


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