Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quezada calls for Huppenthal’s resignation

Quezada calls for Huppenthal’s resignation

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Rep. Martín Quezada, D-Phoenix (District 29), today called for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal to resign after reports surfaced that he authored multiple anonymous blog posts attacking families utilizing public assistance and the Spanish-language media.

Quezada, who also serves as the president of the Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board, issued this statement:

“Although Mr. Huppenthal has apologized, his comments are absolutely inexcusable. He should take responsibility for his actions and resign from his position.

“As a school board member, I have the opportunity to interact with students, parents and teachers on a regular basis. He has betrayed their trust and no longer has the confidence of the public. The best thing Mr. Huppenthal can do for our students, our schools and our state is to step down and let someone else take the lead in repairing the damage he has done.”


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  1. I wish there was this much hoopla by the Legislature and the media when courageous and rightfully informed Min Leader Chad Campbell called for the resignation of ADOC prison boss Charles Ryan. He had a lot more evidence of irresponsible behavior and misconduct than this Huppenthal guy and if you ask me it comes down to what is a safe target and what is an unpopular target. Kudos to Chad for taking on an unsafe target as I am sure he caught a lot of heat for standing up what he believed in to be wrongful management of the prisons and evidence of misspending, mistrust, credibility and accountability proving there was no transparency in the agency and the governor's wish to protect those who suited her wishes. As for this clown, yes make him resign. He does not represent the welfare of our kids and does not reflect good moral character