Monday, February 23, 2015

Republican legislation perfect for late-night television jokes

Republican Legislation perfect for late-night television jokes

The Arizona House Republicans have been very busy pushing an agenda that is perfect for late-night television jokes.
So far, they’ve spent a lot of time working on legislation that does not reflect the priorities of Arizonans. Here is a quick list of some of their most ridiculous bills that have taken focus away from funding schools and creating jobs:
  • HB 2173 makes gold and silver legal tender
  • HB 2179 would prohibit service animals in restaurants
  • HB 2358 creates tax breaks for crop dusters
  • HB 2215 regulates chiropractic care for pets
  • HB 2014 puts Arizona on daylight saving time
  • SB 1460 amended to make silencers, sawed-off shotguns and nunchucks legal. 
Right now, school superintendents are rallying parents to call legislators because the governor’s proposed budget would slash classroom spending – which means there will be less money for teachers and textbooks. And some schools have already laid off teachers.  Arizona’s economic recovery has lagged behind other states while Republicans continue to cut education funding.
Is that a coincidence?
We don’t think so. Any real economic recovery plan will invest in education. It’s the only way Arizona kids will have the tools needed for higher education and for the 21st century jobs.
That is a point that seems to be lost on Republicans. It’s clear - they’re just not ready for prime time.

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