Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Meyer: ‘Republicans just made a bad budget worse’

Meyer: ‘Republicans just made a bad budget worse’
New Republican budget proposal favors special interests over education

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Rep. Eric Meyer, D-Paradise Valley (District 28), released the following statement in response to the budget proposed by Republicans today:

“The Republicans just made a bad budget worse. They are proposing education cuts that are deeper than those included in the governor’s budget, which continues to draw criticism from taxpayers, teachers, students, parents and a university president.

“Funding for education is a priority for Arizonans. Instead of paying attention to what the people of this state want, the Republicans are continuing to push their agenda which protects and promotes special interests. A budget is a statement of values. The Republicans are stating clearly that they value special interests over students. It is irresponsible and shortsighted. And there are other options.

“House Democrats are proposing an alternative that would balance the budget while protecting education funding.

“First, the corporate tax cuts set to go into effect should be delayed. Second, we should repeal STO programs, which pull public money away from public schools. And third, we should close sales tax loopholes that cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars every year and have shown no return on investment. These are common-sense solutions that reflect the values of Arizonans and protect the state’s most vulnerable populations.”


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