Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fernandez, Friese will participate in upcoming gun safety press conference

March 17 Press Conference at Capitol to Address Gun Bills 
Arizona legislators will join activists and survivors in calling for sensible gun laws

(March 15, 2016 -- Phoenix) – Arizona Legislators, including Reps. Randy Friese, D-Tucson, and Charlene Fernandez, D- Yuma, are joining local and national gun violence prevention activists at the Capitol on Thursday, March 17 in calling for the passage of sensible gun laws and stopping current bills moving through the legislature. The press conference begins at 10:30 a.m. in the Rose Garden and later the advocates will meet with Gov. Doug Ducey’s staff.

Joining the legislators in asking that these bills be stopped or vetoed by Gov. Ducey will be activists, shooting survivors and family members whose loved ones have been murdered. This includes Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter Jessi was killed in the Aurora theatre shooting, and are now traveling the country to raise awareness of the need for some reasonable standard of responsibility on the part of gun and ammunition sellers.

Rep. Friese says, “For too long this legislature has represented only the gun lobby’s agenda and interests, resulting in easy access to guns by those who should not possess them as well as a failure to protect law-abiding Arizonans from unknowingly selling a weapon to someone who intends to use it to do harm." He adds, "A system of comprehensive background checks would end this unchecked access and make Arizona safer for all of its residents.

For three straight years, he points out, Guns and Ammo magazine has ranked Arizona best in the nation for gun owners. The magazine says, “Still the reigning champion, Arizona combines strong laws with an unmatched shooting culture and strong industry presence.”

Friese adds, “Currently six bills addressing guns are currently moving through the legislature. These bills, if passed, would loosen regulations on gun transfers and sales as well as the ability to carry weapons in public spaces, modify the definition of prohibited weapons and substantially limit the ability of the state to enforce federal rules and regulations regarding firearms.”

Some of the pending bills:

HB2300- A bill to ban enforcement of any future federal firearms laws, executive orders, rules or regulations

 SB1266- Adding fines to preemption

HB2030-  A bill to allow concealed carry for law enforcement retirees into establishment that serve alcohol

HB2224- A bill to prohibit tax/fee on transfer of firearm
HB2081- A bill to prohibit checking w/federal database on private sale of guns 

HB2201- A bill that stresses AZ Sovereign Authority – prohibits Executive Actions or any law AZ deems unconstitutional 

HB2338 – A bill that prohibits schools from adopting rules that would prohibit a person from carrying a firearm on a highway, street, road, thoroughfare, path, alley or other publicly accessible right of way 

HB2524 – Uniform Firearms Transfer Compact - Would create an unconstitutional interstate “compact” among states.  A state that joins cannot pass legislation regulating firearms in the future.


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