Monday, May 08, 2017

Standing strong with you

Do you know where your representative was in the early hours of Friday morning? Chances are he or she was here, standing up for your values.

Throughout this session, we worked with Arizonans across the state to amplify the powerful messages coming from our communities. Our policy proposals were designed to move us toward a stronger, sustainable future.

We, like most Arizonans, believe that we have to prioritize public education now. The budget Republicans passed doesn't get close to the four percent raise our teachers need. So the crisis that Republicans created will continue, until they finally understand that paying teachers a livable wage is not negotiable. If we do not appropriately address the continuum of needs in our education system, we will be expanding universities that Arizona kids will never be able to attend. That is unacceptable.

Although the budget process is finished, the work is not done. There is too much at stake to be deterred. In fact, this week we are trying to stop a bill, SB 1236, that continues the attack on the citizens' initiative process.  We also expect to see several more bills for special interest tax cuts. Your voice matters, so stay strong, stay active and keep the Legislature and governor accountable. 

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