Monday, May 01, 2017

That was not going to happen…

In the past few weeks at the Capitol, we have seen how dedicated and committed Arizonans are supporting our public schools. Teachers, parents, students and entrepreneurs continued to show up and speak out even after the governor signed a voucher bill that "helps Arizona's wealthiest," while draining desperately needed resources from our public schools.

It seemed that some lawmakers wanted to just move on – to put the voucher bill vote in the past. That was not going to happen.  From The Arizona Republic:

This action prompted Republican House leaders to change the procedures in an attempt to limit the testimonials. But we'll keep talking about the crisis in our classrooms, for as long as Arizonans continue to demand more for our kids. Here are some videos from those who shared their stories.

To stay updated on these stories, click here.

Funding for public schools is a priority, and it is one we will keep fighting for in the upcoming budget debate. This state's budget should reflect our values, which is why we need you to stay involved. Your voice matters, and it does make a difference. Click this link for steps to ensure your priorities are included in the legislative process. #BeHeard

Click here for House Dems' comments on Teacher Appreciation Week and staying involved.

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