Tuesday, August 29, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Blanc Featured in National Report on Top State Legislative Victories from 2017

Contact: Jacqueline Sandoval

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Today Rep. Isela Blanc, D-Tempe (District 26) is featured in the State Innovation Exchange’s, also known as SiX, 2017 End-of-Session Legislative Report for her work standing up against President Donald J. Trump’s proposed border wall. The report includes a case study on HB 2446, a bill that Blanc introduced this past legislative session. The bill would have barred any companies that participate in the building of the border wall from gaining state contracts.

“I’m proud that our work to stand up against the costly, divisive and ineffective border wall has been recognized in SiX’s report. With bills, such as HB 2246, we sent a message to companies vying to build the border wall: if you pursue this divisive wall, our state will not support you. Combined with grassroots pressure, other state legislation and increased media attention, our work forced many companies to back away from construction of the wall. This shows that state leaders have the power to stand up to the divisive policies of the Trump administration and can truly be the front lines of the resistance,” Blanc said.  

SiX, the organization that released the report, is a national resource and strategy center that supports the efforts of state lawmakers to strengthen democracy, fight for working families, defend civil rights and liberties, and protect the environment.

“States are a vital battleground for competing visions of our nation’s future, and I’m grateful that Rep. Blanc and other legislators brought forward a vision for a more inclusive, prosperous, and united country,” said SiX Executive Director Nick Rathod.


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