Monday, September 18, 2017


Our state hosted a “practice” constitutional convention this month. Activists from different states came to the Capitol to pretend to solve a problem with our Constitution.

It took days of pomp and circumstance. And what did it accomplish? Nothing at all.
The goal of the five-day convention was to “lay the groundwork for a future gathering….” But the truth is, the rules the delegates set are not binding on any future convention.

While participants from 22 states rehearsed for a make-believe constitutional convention, there are some very real issues in our state that remain unresolved. Vouchers are still draining money away from our public schools. Dreamers are still under attack. And working families are still struggling as health care coverage continues to be threatened.

Democrats are looking for real solutions for Arizona. We want a state where generations can thrive in opportunity, equity and fairness. That means investing in policies that will improve our quality of life now, while promoting a stronger, more sustainable future.

We hope that the time, energy and resources Republicans committed to this convention dress rehearsal will be given to the major issues that Arizonans are grappling with daily.  Regardless, Democrats remain committed to standing with the community to build a state that represents our values and helps families cope with their everyday struggles. 

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