Sunday, September 03, 2017

STATEMENT: Democratic Leader Rios: DACA provided foundation for an economically stronger Arizona

Contact: Jacqueline Sandoval

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios, D-Phoenix (District 27), released this statement regarding President Donald J. Trump’s announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA:

“Today’s decision by President Trump to end DACA is punishing and inhumane. The program allowed these young individuals to come out of the shadows and prompted them to be productive, hard-working contributors to society with a chance for a better life. That is based on the spirit of the American Dream. Above all, it was the foundation for an economically stronger country, one built on educating and employing our future generations. 

“Over 800,000 youths have signed up and been approved for DACA, including nearly 28,000 initial applicants and close to 24,000 renewal recipients in Arizona. They willingly registered their addresses and contact information with federal authorities who can now, more easily locate them if Trump were to give the order to deport them. 

“DACA not only improved the lives of undocumented young people but also positively affected Arizona’s economy. The inclusion of these young people has contributed to more prosperous local, state and national economies. Most importantly, it created safer and stronger communities. Ending DACA is counterproductive, at best, and at worst, coldhearted.”


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