Tuesday, February 27, 2018

LGTBQ Caucus applauds Supreme Court ruling: "All families shall be treated fairly under the law.”

LGBTQ Caucus
Rep. Cesar Chavez, D-Phoenix (District 29)
Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr., D-Tucson (District 2)
Sen. Robert Mesa, D-Phoenix (District 30)
Rep. Tony Navarrete, D-Phoenix (District 30)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Feb. 27, 2018                                                                   
Contact: Jacqueline Sandoval

PHOENIX, State Capitol – Even after the historic United States Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage in 2015, gay couples still face hurdles at almost every step when it comes to achieving equality.

However, on Monday the United States Supreme Court refused to overturn a ruling that says gay couples are entitled to the same parenting rights as heterosexual
couples when they get divorced. For now, all marriage unions are considered equal in matters of marriage, divorce and custody under a 2017 Arizona Supreme Court ruling. The Arizona LGBTQ Caucus issued the following statement regarding the ruling:

"This is a historic moment in American history.” said Representative Cesar Chavez, D-Phoenix (District 29). “By refusing to overturn a lower court ruling the Supreme Court reaffirmed that all parents regardless of gender have the same rights and responsibilities. All families shall be treated fairly under the law.”

This is a small but crucial step concerning parenting rights for gay couples and is affecting people across the country, including people in Arizona.


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