Monday, September 24, 2018

House Democrats Statement on 'Disgraceful' Trump Refugee Cap

Sept. 24, 2018

PHOENIX House Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios, D-Phoenix, released the following statement regarding last week's decision by the Trump Administration to cap the number of refugees allowed into the country to a near-record low of 30,000.

“Arizonans take pride in being one of the most welcoming and supportive communities in the country for refugees fleeing war and famine around the world. Amid the largest human displacement crisis in modern history, President Donald Trump has made another disgraceful, arbitrary and self-defeating reduction in the number of refugees allowed into our country, reducing the number to its historical lowest of 30,000 for 2019, down from 45,000 in 2018, and 110,000 in 2017. Refugees are thoroughly vetted and eager to work and contribute to their new communities. Arizona is a stronger and better place because of their contributions.

We applaud the efforts of our Arizona Congressmen Raul Grijalva and Ruben Gallego for joining dozens of their colleagues in support of a resolution introduced by Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia to increase the cap back to 110,000. Efforts like these show that we can and must be a better country for them, and for others still suffering who look to us as a beacon of hope and leadership.”


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